About Us


Our Objectives

* To organize activities and services that promote responsible pet care

* To reduce the homeless pet population through an affordable spay/neuter program

* To provide temporary shelter for animals in need

* To provide an animal care facility that can function as a hurricane shelter for animals

* To offer education about care and treatment of pets and promote a bond of caring between humans and all animals, domestic and wild

October 2004: A seed of an idea and a lot of paperwork.

December 2004: Belmopan Humane Society was incorporated and certified.
Our objectives were set and we submitted our application to the City Council to allocate land for an animal hurricane shelter.

April 2005: The first Belmopan Humane Society Pet Fair was held at the Governor General Field which included a Pet Show and free rabies clinic.

December 2005: The first edition of our quarterly newsletter B.A.R.K.S. was created.
The Society bought and renovated an old school bus, slowly transforming it into a mobile clinic. Our bus goes with us to social functions and serves as an educational tool or as a mobile animal health clinic for the outlying villages and on the BHS property.

February 29 2006: Our 99 year lease to one acre of land was officially handed over and clearing began.

October 2007: We are officially a registered NGO.

December 2007: The land is cleared, leveled and is high and dry. Three sides are fenced with five fenced dog pens complete with gates, and cement pads for dog houses. We have a shed with a rain water vat and a large tool shed erected on the property.

March 2008: After much creative fund raising and volunteer work, the fencing around the one acre property is complete. We have had two picnic tables donated and landscaping has begun. To date we have used the dog run area as emergency shelter for 4 dogs, all who have been adopted out to great homes. Belmopan City Council donated a truck-load of limestone chippings used for the driveway, dog pens and pathways.

Educational Outreach Programs include health clinics, annual attendance at University of Belize kick off party and Belmopan Day, dog training classes, our newsletter with many articles, and one on one person to person knowledge-sharing and assistance.

Fund raising activities to date include: Pet Fairs, Belmopan Day activities, Bake Sales, Luau night, Dog Wash, Demolition Derby, Dog Shows, Alice in Wonderland Tea Parties,Valentine's Cocktail Parties, Blues Revue, and Book sales. We also have on loan to the public (for a small donation), Elizabethan collars for post operative care and pet carriers, and there are donation cans at some business establishments. Please give generously.



The Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Board Elections are held in May or June. Membership fees are due in May.

Council Members

Mrs. Tanis Abrahams

Mrs. Lilly Morison

Mrs. Diana Arias

Mrs. Lindy Jeffrey

Mrs. Graciela Perez

Mrs. Mirna Chun

Mrs. Sonia Neal

Mr. Dewey Morison

Mr. Kike Hernandez

Board Members

Board Members