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HELP REDUCE THE NUMBER OF UNWANTED DOGS AND CATS IN BELIZE: spay or neuter your pet. We also need foster families. Contact us for more information.

Phone: (+501) 602-7947

email: belmopanhumane@yahoo.com

Belmopan Humane Society Atlantic Bank Acct # 100230251 



All over Belize there are homeless animals. Most of them are sick with contagious viruses, mange, tick fever and sexually transmitted diseases all of which could be contracted by your family’s pet. They are abused, neglected, kicked and stoned: miserable animals that will die in pain and alone. Not only that, but alive or dead, they are a direct risk to the health of the human community around them.A homeless animal is an unwanted animal, and unwanted animals come from unwanted puppies and kittens. Spaying or neutering your pet before it reproduces is the only way to break this cycle.

Our Objectives

* To organize activities and services that promote responsible pet care
* To reduce the homeless pet population through an affordable spay/neuter program
* To provide temporary shelter for animals in need
* To provide an animal care facility that can function as a hurricane shelter for animals
* To offer education about care and treatment of pets and promote a bond of caring between humans and all animals, domestic and  wild.


& they have everything.. 

Huge and Heartfelt Thank you! Builders Hardware! for always supporting the BHS. 

Builders is the first business to renew their Corporate Sponsorship this year and they did it in a big way! 

They are now a Diamond Sponsor. A big "high 5" paw!!! 

On top of that I picked up the donation can that sits at the cashier window and there is enough in there to spay 3 female dogs!!! 
thank you to each and everyone of you that drop in your change 

"Just a Buck can change their luck

To be a Hero... 

To be a Hero you don’t always need a cape. You just have to have a heart and a drop of courage. A very brave young man Dylan Castillo saved this little Terrier from calamity. He was seen running down Corozal St. dragging a small chain. He was attacked by 3 pit bulls who caused some injuries but a very brave Young man saved him!!It may not seem as much but definitely worth a mention.If there’s an owner kindly add a Happy Ending to this Wonderful Story!!

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Belmopan Humane Society

Blue Moon

Seasons Greetings !!Tis the season!! As we all know there are many abandoned dogs and cats that will not spend a safe Christmas season.Support our effort by buying a few raffle tickets and supporting the endeavors of the BHS for the upcoming year.Win Great Prizes and with your ticket purchase you are supporting the improvement of some furry lives !!!

Tickets are $5 each. If you would like tickets put aside for you , please contact Lilly at 602 7947

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